Public Appearances

In this page I report some of the public appearances through the years.



PyData is the conference closest to my heart, having started the Amsterdam meetup and organized and chaired the first PyData Amsterdam conference. I’ve talked at various instances of the conference numerous times, and often at meetups.

Applied Machine Learning Days Lausanne

I had great fun at the AMLD conference in Switzerland in 2022.

Banking Renaissance

I was lucky enough to be present in Amsterdam to talk about how to set up a learning culture to foster data-driven, digital leaders.

Techsummit Europe

I was invited to participate in a panel at the Techsummit Europe 2024. Once and if the recording comes online, I’ll post it here.

NoSQL Matters

Back in 2014, I spoke in Dublin and Barcelona about how I used pandas instead of a database for a fairly large web app. There are no recordings available, but proof of my PowerPoint skills is still around.



I gave a couple of masterclasses. One of them, given at the University of Amsterdam, has been posted online.