The guy on the photo is me, in Lisboa, Portugal. I am smiling, like most of the time.

Current position

At Xebia Data, I am responsible for Solutions, Academy, Marketing, Recruitment and our international expansion.


As GoDataDriven Chief Science Officer, I had a number of responsibilities. Among them:

  • Help clients become data driven enterprises; this includes helping them shaping their data architectures, hire and foster data scientists and data engineers, and, last but not least, help them set them up experiments platforms;
  • Help and lead our team of data scientists through the crucial steps of their projects;
  • Ensure that the many trainings GoDataDriven prepares are consistent in their high quality, methodology, and format, so that the students can enjoy practice driven trainings that immediately help them apply the knowledge learned.

As we’re far from being a corporation ourselves, I still very much enjoy designing the shoes that you get when you join the company.

At GoDataDriven I enjoy what probably is the coolest job title I’ll ever have: Data Whisperer. As for my daily tasks, they involve advising clients on how to extract valuable insights from (big) data analysis. Being a swell chap, once that is done, we perform these analysis and build data driven products with a stellar team.

I am also a certified Cloudera trainer for the Data Analyst, Developer, Admin, and Spark Cloudera courses.

At KPMG I was mainly doing source code analysis and code quality reviews. Occasionally involved in the Big Data group and overall always happy to help when some advanced modeling or analytics are needed.

I focused on models describing DNA mechanics, taught Statistical Physics and Stochastic processes to Master students and had a lot of fun.

While doing that I programmed, wrote papers and delivered stunning presentations. You don’t believe me? I think we should talk.

It was a fake job. In the pre-crisis years, Leiden University thought to have a lot of money, so it was paying me to work on my Master thesis. Crazy, right?


Exams average: 8.5/10. Total: 8.25/10 (It’s lower than the exams, I KNOW!)

Getting my Physics bachelor in Padua means I became Doctor (in Italy I became a doctor with the Bachelor. Now you know why they’re in recession).

Exam average: 100/110. Total: 105/110.


That’d be a long list, but long story short I am very good in English and Dutch, and less so in Spanish and French. Annoyingly good in Italian.

Computer skills

python (especially Numpy and pandas), C++, C, Haskell, Javascript, Erlang;

LaTeX, html + CSS, XML;

Hive, Pig, Impala, Hadoop (streaming and non streaming API), PostgreSQL, MySQL, Spark.


I have a passion for photography and my favorite subjects are my wife and my seven kids.

Furthermore I like reading, writing, playing the guitar and music in general.